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How To Be A Motherfucking Legend

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I'm the shit, and so are you.

This course is devoted to helping you remember that you already are a MOTHERFUCKING LEGEND. It'll inspire you to create the life of your dreams. Because nobody can do you better than you.


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The Program

Design Your Legend...

Everyone is a master, and everyone is a student.

In this 5 week group program we'll have weekly Zoom calls to dive into your world to discover your areas of mastery, and give you the tools to create a community to serve so that you can make a living off of your genuine interests and passion.

On top of the 5 weekly calls you'll get access to

  • a private FB group where you can ask questions, share inspiration, connect with community who's on the same journey
  • weekly podcasts with inspiration, insight and tools to ground a new reality where you feel empowered to live a life based off of your passion
  • a 22min 1 on 1 activation session where we'll connect over Zoom to tackle anything you need support with

Everyone will be paired with an accountability buddy to get support activating your legend. 

Once we uncover your deepest desires, we'll bring light to any limiting beliefs or patterns that are keeping you from living your best life. 

After we bring consciousness and loving awareness to any blocks that surface, I'll share the keys to unlock your greatness. You'll also receive the tools to ground this change into being and come out of this program living a new reality. A reality where you feel empowered to live a life based off of your passion.

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clarify your vision

We'll explore your inner world to get clear on what it is you really want to create. Once we uncover your wildest dream, we'll create a mantra for you to say to crystallize your vision into reality.

purify your vessel

We'll take inventory of the things that are serving you and the things that are distractions. This means going over your diet with a fine tooth comb and only keeping that which is adding to you realizing your dreams. And diet is not just what you eat, but everything in your consciousness: your relationships, the shows you watch, the social media apps you use.

ritualize your process

Once we're clear on what is elevating your vibration, we'll create a schedule for you to stay focused on only those activities. It's not about discipline, because that implies restricting yourself from doing something you want to be doing. It's about devotion, devotion to activate your highest potential.


embrace your legend

Once your alignment is correct, all you have to do is be aware of and receive your blessings. It's easy if you understand receptivity. Being attuned with the feminine energy of the universe is a learned skill. It's being in tune with the flow and embracing intuition.



What's good?

I'm Dijon

I moved to California 11 years ago to live my version of the California dream: to make my living as an artist creating art that was innovative and universally accepted. 

Today that dream is my reality. I run the international storytelling project SOULS of Society, which has a community of over 160,000 people in 45 countries, play in the hypnotic electro-pop band Indigo Keys, and am building an entire universe: Dijon's Dimension.

I've gained so much wisdom walking this path as a creative entrepreneur, and now I want to share what I've learned with you. 



Craig Wenaweser

"It’s hard to express in words the impact that Dijon’s mentorship and coaching has had on my life, but I can tell you that it has been profound. Dijon has the uncanny ability to see you in your fullest potential, far beyond what you can see in yourself. He is a true visionary, in every sense of the word. He uses his gift of vision to not only reflect back your highest potential but then guide you into that transformational space, step by step, in a very concise and clear manner. Dijon has helped me rise into my power and potential both personally and creatively and has made a truly invaluable contribution to my life. I am stronger, more confident and have unlocked my creative and musical gifts thanks to his friendship and guidance."

Julieann Choi

 Dijon’s presence has a tangible quality to it that invites you to drop into your heart and open up to your higher wisdom and desires. I’ve always admired his tenacious passion and commitment to sharing his gifts with the world and I’ve personally been inspired to step more fully into my musical offerings as a result of witnessing his process and receiving his support. He has a knack for knowing exactly what it is that I need to hear or receive in order to move forward along my path and I’m eternally grateful for his offerings! 

Alex Regenstreich

“I’m proud to call Dijon one of my closest friends and mentors. His energy and intuition has the power to change lives and he leads by example. Courageous in his pursuit of truth and vulnerability.

Legendary? There’s a quote from Marilyn Monroe. ‘I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.’ It is at precisely these moments that Dijon's soul really steps up and gives you his best to help you learn and grow from your worst.”


Alysha English

"If there's anyone I would trust with coaching me how to be a motherfucking legend, it's Dijon. His guidance transcends the shallow, surface scratching type of transformation and he challenges you to be the best version of yourself, starting with your spirit. Working with Dijon, I felt myself being a more conscious, enlightened being and creating a lifestyle that is in alignment with my core values. With Dijon's support, I am living my best life daily. It's a life filled with gratitude, intentionality, and bliss.  In simple words, I felt like a beast in both my personal and professional life. Dijon's offers his wisdom, life experience, and perspective and challenges you while still offering love and support.  Becoming a legend is a spiritual awakening and I have Dijon to thank!  Not only do I feel like a legend, I feel like a MOTHERFUCKING legend." 

Joshua Falcon-Grey

"Dijon helped me to laser focus on the most badass parts of my offering and encouraged me to really amp them up. In doing this, I too have become more focused and decisive in my actions and it's helped me have tremendous confidence in my venture. So many possibilities now!"

Gigi Azmy

“Dijon teaches you from his own life experiences, trials and tribulations. You can feel how real and passionate he is about helping others. He is able to deliver hard concepts in an easy to understand compassionate and humor filled way. I'm looking forward to watching how Dijon blossoms into a world class personal development leader grounded in vulnerable authenticity.”

Angelika Alana

"Dijon is a fantastic friend to me and someone I am truly honoured to have in my life. His creativity is always bubbling up and ready to be shared, expressed and demonstrated. He has an amazing way of inspiring and motivating me and I can always count on him for counsel that is clear, aligned and full of love. The way he expresses himself is masterful and I have learnt a lot from him. The world is a lucky place to have Dijon in it."

Jeremy Richardson

"Dijon brings a rare mix of deep creativity, laser focused direction, raw vulnerability, and a light hearted personality to everything he does. He offers perspectives that can shift your world view deep, subtle, and profound ways. He and I first connected over a year ago where he played a crucial role in leading the creative direction and production of the Kickstarter video that allowed me to raise $36,000 to build a 20 foot tall 4,000 pound steel sculpture that inspires people to reimagine how to love others by first loving themselves. In working with Dijon, I saw how he always comes from the deepest sense of purpose in everything he creates and every interaction he has. He continues to move the needle forward in every interaction we have just by being himself and emitting the unique, powerful, clear transmission that makes him Dijon. If you want to take yourself, your creativity, and your state of being to the next level, work with him."

Asya Azar

"Putting Dijon’s essence into words is a good challenge. I’ll share a quick story: I use to manage a global leadership conference that Dijon would often come to photograph. But he did more than just take stunning photographs. As I ran around frazzled trying to help 150+ leaders, it was always Dijon who was watching out for me. Sometimes he would come up to me at random and give me an incredible tight and comforting hug (his hugs are SERIOUSLY THE BEST — you should ask for one!) sometimes a little pep talk of wisdom before I went on stage, other times a warm smile from the other side of the room reminding me: I got this. He helped me ground into myself and remind me of both my power and grace as a woman leader. Thank you for your deep presence and care Dijon."

Nina Grae

"Typically when I seek guidance, mentorship or an accelerated path to deeper learning, I look to people that have been 'living their truth'. From the curation of Souls to Society, to the rawness of Sunrise Sessions and How to Be A MF legend, to the elevated vibes of the Indigo Keys musical projects, Dijon has been walking and living the path of his deepest truths and creative desires for years. There's a saying that the proof is in the pudding - Dijon has proven he's a solid individual to be cooking up that pudding in the kitchen with!" 

I’m the shit and so are you.
— Dijon
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